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Apple Shooter – The great boredom killing game

The great boredom killing game – Apple shooter is developed by Wolf Games just like Gunblood. It is a one of the greatest shooting mini games ever created. In the game the player is equipped with a bow and arrows. Like the name apple shooter suggests, we have to shoot an apple which is placed on our friends head. But if you miss you will end up killing your friend. If you will shot the apple you will advance to the next stage but if will shot your friend instead the game will be over. After every stage the distance goes on increasing by 5 feet and thus also increasing the difficulty of the game. The game has very interesting graphics. When the arrow hits our friend’s body parts and at different power levels all his reactions and dying ways are different.

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Return Man 5 Game Review

The Return Man 5, commonly referred to as Linebacker, is simply an adjustment of the previous version which was dubbed The Return Man 3 Unblocked. The game boasts dozens of fabulous features and updates which seamlessly fit it. In the game, one player is has to confront the entire team.

Nevertheless, in the initial stages, a player usually has the ball alongside 4 other players who shall provide the needed backing. The other players will protect the ball thus helping you to score in the process and also earn a few points.


Impossible Quiz 3 – Are You Brainy or Brainless

Impossible Quiz 3 is another sequel of very well-known flash game – The Impossible quiz.This game isn’t stereotypical quiz. If you were looking for new favorite questions-based game, you found it! You may also try another mayhem game which is getting popular atm. This game has a wit, it offers many very entertaining and funny question and quests. I believe that creators, Notdoppler, did a pretty god job. Game design is simple yet cool, which goes perfectly with game’s spirit. It is followed by amusing, silly sounds after correct or wrong answer.