Presenting you awesome 3D racing game – FFX Runner!

Presenting you awesome 3D racing gameFFX Runner! Unlike other racing games where your only mission is to race your opponents and reach finish line first here you will also have to avoid attacks from enemy vehicles. It is pretty hard to escape your foes because they appear from different sides and strike you with high speed, if you will receive too much damage your car will explode and you will lose the game.

It is impossible to escape from your enemies, because they will follow you everywhere, only thing what you can do is to avoid getting smashed by them and while doing so you must explore this huge city and find exit points before other vehicles will get you! But, it is not really that hard, game also offers you different solutions to fix your vehicle, you must pick up fuel and wrench bubbles which will help you to fix broken pieces of your car. However, watch your back; remember enemies can strike you any time!

There is a lot of action in this game and exploring huge city itself is very entertaining, additionally you have to run away from enemies and fix your machine while doing so. What is really important in FFX Runner is that that you have to keep an eye on the level of your fuel and also health bar in order to avoid unexpected “surprises”.

Presenting you awesome 3D racing game – FFX Runner!
Now finally I want to tell you about controls of the game:


Space bar – Brake
Up arrow key or Ctrl – Accelerate
Down arrow key or Alt – Reverse
Left arrow key – Turn left
Right arrow key – Turn right
P button – Pause

That is all what you need to know for now, rest you can find out yourself in the game. I just want to tell you that you can play this game on your mobile devices and tablets as well, good luck and have fun in this amazing/action racing game – FFX Runner!

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