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I think you have noticed that a lot of people talk about Happy Wheels lately, they are just going crazy over this browser game, everyone says that it is fantastic and fun to play, even IGN labeled it as best free game.

This is not big surprise because all the attention and sympathy towards the game is earned by hard work of developer – Jim Bonacci.

This flash game belongs to the action category; it involves racing, ragdoll physics, black comedy and beloved replay-ability, combination of all these options made game extremely popular worldwide.

Objective of the game is… well it is really hard to say, let’s just say that you have to win. I can’t really add more to it 😀

Reaching finish line of the game is tough job and painful, in the most cases your character will end-up dead, or you may reach finish line, but with missing body parts. Yes, I know in the most cases game has dramatic consequences, but it will just leave you laughing for some reason.

At the first glance of the game graphics you might get confused and consider that this game is for kids, things will get “clearer” after playing game for a while and seeing all those scenarios with blood and flying body parts.

Game is truly different from everything what you have seen before, it has unique characters, creative maps, different special abilities, etc. Game catches your attention after playing it for 10 minutes or so and leaves you addicted to it forever.

Controlling game is simple job, up and down arrow keys are for moving towards or for stopping, left and arrow buttons allow you to lean in different directions, if you want you can eject and save your life with Z button, there is also space bar which can activate special abilities of the characters (different characters can do different special moves).

Replay – this function is truly the most used one in Happy Wheels Full Version, it allows you to replay different consequences of the game and when you see it from perspective of ragdoll physics it is just crazy, mind-blowing and funny as well. Great work indeed, this game can hardly ever give you feeling of boredom.

Full version of Happy Wheels gets updates very often at, developers remove bugs, add new features and maps to it very often and many different things as well. Game never gets old and its special dark humor is just utterly creative and funny.

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