Impossible Quiz 3 – Are You Brainy or Brainless

Impossible Quiz 3 is another sequel of very well-known flash game – The Impossible quiz.This game isn’t stereotypical quiz. If you were looking for new favorite questions-based game, you found it! You may also try another mayhem game which is getting popular atm. This game has a wit, it offers many very entertaining and funny question and quests. I believe that creators, Notdoppler, did a pretty god job. Game design is simple yet cool, which goes perfectly with game’s spirit. It is followed by amusing, silly sounds after correct or wrong answer.

About Impossible Quiz 3

This is one of those games that were maid to become epic. After Notdoppler launched first version of the game it became very popular. It has all characteristics that good game should have, it’s challenging, entertaining, funny and it demands good playing skills, in this case – brains.

Question types

There are various types of questions: funny ones, trick questions, cultural, riddles, smart etc. Give this game a shot and you will easily fall in love with it. I believe that questions’ main purpose is to entertain players. You will always get response to your answers. Game will make fun of you, commend you, surprise you. Goal is to keep you engaged by numerous sounds and illustrations.

Impossible Quiz 3 – Are You Brainy or Brainless
How to play?

You enter the game by pressing “Begin” button. Once you do that, game’s menu will be displayed with few buttons such as “Go Go Go!”, “Credits”, “Instructions” and buttons that will link you to other Impossible Quizzes or creator’s page. Click “Go Go Go!” for start and once you do that it’s pretty easy to play. You choose your answer by clicking on it. Sometimes you will have to use keyboard to answer some questions or quests. Just follow the instructions and have fun.

I would definitely recommend this game. I guarantee you never came across anything like Impossible Quiz 3 game . You certainly can gain a lot by playing this quiz. It will give you different and unique perspective which will encourage you to grow new pair of eyes for world around you.

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